Hi, I'm Daniel the Learner

Hi, my name is Daniel. I believe that the best way to learn is to teach – yeah, doesn’t work very well for Seneca the Younger and his pupil Nero the Psyko – “Docendo discimus“, but I digress. Anyways, this is why I create this blog. To burn Rome? No, are you crazy?! To learn. I will define new abilities to learn (usually software related abilities, so don’t expect pole-dance things) and post my findings: tutorials, how to’s, failures, successes, and so on. This idea, of make a teach-to-learn blog, was shamelessly stolen inspired by the “Learn With Jeff” blog, so this title.

A little blind date chitchat:

  • I’m learning English (I live in Brazil, so lower your expectatives about a perfect english)
  • I’ve started 2 companies (a Groupon clone, and a digital agency)
  • I’m a reader kind of person. The kind who puts “I’m a reader kind of person” randomly on lists
  • I work with software programming for 13 years
  • I started 4 bachelor degrees: Business Administration, Information Systems, Computer Sciences, Automation Engineering – I never concluded any of them
  • I love to learn
  • New is exciting

That’s all folks. You can know me better watching my posts, and see my contacts in the page footer.

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