Facebook sign-up button with PHP (tutorial)

This tutorial shows how to implement a “Continue with Facebook” button just PHP. No JS required.

If you prefer to render the button with JS, see my other tutorial.

JS vs PHP rendering:

This tutorial uses PHP to render the button. There are pros/cons compared to a JS version:


  • More coding;
  • Vulnerable to future API “breaking changes”


  • It works on Firefox private mode;
  • It works with “Facebook Container” plugin (it shows the button);

0. Create an app on FB’s developer:

Go to:

Create an app:

Get the ID and SECRET:

1. Install PHP SDK on your project folder:

cd my-project
composer require facebook/graph-sdk

2. The code:

Save this code on a file (ex.test-fb.php) run it on a server (ex. php -S localhost:3000) and open it in your browser.

The code is self-explanatory. But let me know in the comments if you think it is not.


After testing, you need to publish your FB app:

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