WordPress: Custom admin email for new user registration

When a new user signs up to your WordPress site, an email notification is sent to the “admin address” specified on Settings > General > Email Address:

This email address is used for ALL notifications, and unfortunately, you can’t set a different email just for the “New User Registration”.

Luckily, there is a way to fine-tune the “new user registration” notifications and send them to a different email address other than the “admin email address”.

Open your theme’s functions.php (Appearance > Theme Editor > Theme Functions):

That’s it!

In the example, we changed the email address to “[email protected]“, by using the wp_new_user_notification_email_admin filter.

There are 4 variables you can use: to, subject, message, headers.

Let’s use the headers to send the notification to “[email protected]” as a CC and keep the admin email as the recipient:

WordPress 4.8 and before:

This solution only works for WordPress 4.9+. For older versions, the filter wp_new_user_notification_email_admin doesn’t exist, but you can redeclare the WP core function wp_new_user_notification() as it is a pluggable function.

WP_REST_User plugin:

If you use the “WP_REST_User” plugin to create users via Ajax/REST, be aware that it doesn’t trigger a “wp_new_user_notification()” by default. So, you will need to add this:

Change admin to both if you want to send a notification to the user too.

The user notification is different than the admin. You can fine-tune the user notification using the filter wp_new_user_notification_email (same 3 arguments on function and same 4 customizable fields).

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