Convert WordPress `readme.txt` to MarkDown automatically

If you have a WordPress plugin hosted on GitHub, you know how horrible the readme page looks on GitHub by default.

The problem is that the readme.txt page must follow a specific WordPress format to work. And this format is not the MarkDown format used on GitHub.

To fix it, you can manually create an additional to your project. But good luck keeping it synced with readme.txt.

A better approach is to automate the conversion process. Luckily, there’s already a Grunt script for this: wp_readme_to_markdown created by Stephen Harris.

Even better, if you created your plugin using wp scaffold plugin, you already have it installed.

Using it:

  1. On your plugin’s root, install the npm pre-defined packages:
    npm install
  2. Run grunt to execute the pre-defined tasks;
  3. Done!

You can configure GitHub Actions to auto-run this command on commits, so you won’t have to manually call this command. I will explain how to on another article.

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